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Welcome to Turner Investigations Ltd, based in Scotland. I started this company after gaining many years of experience studying journalism and launching my own investigations on a stolen Royal Commission that led to cases in the Sheriff Court, it led to arrests. It led to me launching new investigations into the Procurator Fiscal's Office that I had to publish for self defence purposes. The evidence is published on my other website and I have got the rubber stampings and witnessed signatures to prove that everything on this site is my investigations. Because I hold title, impersonators tried to steal everything and I had evidence that they had stolen the Crown money. Feel free to email me on

I served a notice to the Procurator Fiscal's Office giving them fair warning of commercial satire and broadcasts from others based on me having to pass on my evidence on the Procurator Fiscal's Office to other lawyers and third parties, publishing the evidence for self defence purposes.


I hold qualifications in journalism after obtaining an HNC in Communications with Media, an HND in Media & Cultural Studies, I then went on to study Film & Media and know how to spot identity theft in the media, which might not seem relevant, but I have been studying journalism for a long time since I graduated and I have went on to research on various other crime cases and how the media in general is used for identity theft and covering up for serious crime. I know how to track down someone's previous lives connections and identity and I SHOW THE EVIDENCE for it. It is not based on merely watching the media, but more rather spotting how altercations appear in the media and how you can identify how thieves use the media to try and steal from you. How the media reveals the person who thieves your identity. It is matched up with other references. PLEASE NOTE: I AM ON NORMAL INTERNET AND MEDIA - AND NOT ON HYBRID SITES AND MY WEBSITES ARE NOT ON PRIVATE MEDIA!









I aim to offer a professional, tailored service bookings can be made on my website. I can investigate, research, break evidence for newspapers and surface media, research previous lives identity whilst looking out for identity theft in the media. I itemise all the tasks I do after the introduction meeting and I can provide evidence for your case or project.

James William Auguste Turner

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